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epiphanies, paradigm shifts, and other fancy words

Not everybody articulates the concept as well as the Jargon File does, but 1337 h4x00rz aren't the only people who use the concept of Ha Ha, Only Serious on a pretty much daily basis. As a matter of fact, I'd personally go so far as to say that anybody worth talking to for more than five minutes at a time does.

What occurred to me in one of those blindingly obvious-in-retrospect moments of enlightenment this morning is how difficult it can be to tell how much of that is "serious" and how much of it is "ha ha". Most really grave errors of communication tend to reveal themselves pretty quickly, if two intelligent people are talking to each other and doing so over a period of time - some sort of internal inconsistency highlights the problem, and pretty quickly somebody realizes what the other one really meant.

But if you aren't careful, you can make mistakes in how seriously you take a HHOS that will stick with you for a lifetime. It's pretty easy to mistake "this is an actual truth, but one we don't publicly acknowledge as a part of our paradigms" for "this is a sort of truth, but one that we don't actually incorporate into our paradigms."

If you had difficulty parsing out the dichotomy expressed in that last statement, well, that's kinda the whole point... think about it.

this moment of morning Zen and $20 words brought to you by jimbojones and the letters A, E, and Q.

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