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new toys and amusements

I've been working out a lot more lately, and putting in more time on the elliptical machine to build cardio - I totally burned Laura last time she was here when we broke into an impromptu race over a bridge. She swears she "still could have lapped me", but I'm not buying it and don't plan on letting it happen next time. =) Anyway, I keep wishing that I had better stuff to listen to than the gym music when I'm on the elliptical machine, and thinking maybe even some actual running down at the park would be nice if I had some music - and I saw this Rio Carbon tonight at Best Buy and just had to give it a try.

OMFG this thing is awesome. As you can see, it's absolutely tiny, and it's actually even lighter than the size makes it look - it totally disappears into a pocket, and is so featherweight that you don't notice it in there even if you're running. It stores 5GB of music, and it does an absolutely incredible job of automatically sorting new additions into a contextual library by artist name, genre, track name, year released, you name it. And, the best part is, unlike the regular-hard-drive-based MP3 jukeboxes I tried two or three years ago, this thing sounds really good!

I also spotted this beauty lying unattended in the parking lot, and it cracked me up so hard I actually made Pete stop the car so I could go back and pick it up for photo documentation:

Bling, bling, motherfucker. =)
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