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not to put too fine a point on it

So I decided that I'm going to go ahead and buy Fable, even though I've hacked my Xbox and I could just download it off of SuprNova if I wanted to. For one thing, it's a really groundbreaking kind of game that's really got me excited, and I don't mind supporting efforts like that - in fact I want to make sure I do; I don't mind a sort of "conditional ethics" and "enlightened consumerism" in which I only pay for games I actually think are worthwhile, but I don't want to turn into a plain-and-simple parasite on the system. But for another, well, I'm just really fucking excited about it, and I can buy it tonight whereas I'd probably need to wait three or four days before it showed up as a torrent somewhere.

However, my trip into EB Games this morning to pre-order in time to make sure I get one of tonight's copies reminded me about the best thing about downloading console games instead of buying them... and, believe it or not, that isn't simply never having to buy a shitty fucking game.

It's avoiding the video game store. My fucking christ what a sad, sad collection of utterly obsessed and socially starved and dysfunctional losers. =\

I dunno if it's just the EB games by my house, or if it's pretty much every videogame store out there - I don't really go out amongst them often enough to have much of a reference for comparison. And I always manage to forget how bad it is in the month or four in between times I go there, until I walk in the door and have to deal with the insanely "helpful" employees AND CUSTOMERS that are just absolutely DYING to fawn all over you and tell you every possible thing about every possible game and "hook you up" with every possible little worthless consideration that really doesn't matter much in the end to any non-game-obsessed human being.

But either way, my god, going in that place makes me just weep for humanity. =\
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