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Laura linked me to OKCupid's new take on the old double-axis political spectrum today. It's basically the same old same old, placing you on a 2 dimensional chart with axes of economic and social liberal/conservativeness; but at the end they try to relate it to whether you'll vote for Bush or Kerry. Ho-hum, kinda, except it's particularly interesting in today's political turmoil to see what the OTHER thousands upon thousands of people who took the test came out as.

But what really struck me as ironic is that, AFTER becoming a successful independent businessman (traditionally, the very stronghold of libertarianism), I quit being a libertarian. Thanks, Gee Dubya, you've shown me so much of what can go horribly wrong with a lack of a safety blanket that I can never think the same way about politics again... even when my own successes seem to be pointing me in the directions I'd already been going.

edit for the reading comprehension challenged: Bush is not a libertarian. Bush is a fascist, by which I mean a member of the area clearly marked on that chart as "fascist". I USED to be a libertarian myself, but have ceased subscribing to that particular philosophy as a result of seeing a real need for government to act as a check-and-balance to corporate interests.
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