September 23rd, 2004

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11:08 am - Google Image Search: FIGHT!
CB4, or...


I know which one I'd rather watch.

Current Mood: want bavarian food
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From: inthrees
Date: September 23rd, 2004 - 08:24 am
While I hate the 80's zig part in her hair, I can't find fault with any other part of her. (Ok, maybe her legs look a little thin, but her other assets make up for it.)

But then, looking at the shoulder-less sweater of the girl next to her, that's either a pic taken years ago, or a pic taken in a country stuck in years ago.

[User Picture] From: mightymonju
Date: September 23rd, 2004 - 03:01 pm
Is it just me, or are you bordering on complaining about the size of that beautiful woman's shins? Hehe

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