October 1st, 2004

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11:24 am - This is why I didn't even watch the fucking debates
from CNN.com:

At one point in the debate, moderator Jim Lehrer asked Bush if the Iraq experience would make him more reluctant to launch preemptive military operations in the future. In response, the president insisted that he "never wanted to commit troops" but did so because "the enemy attacked us ... and I have a solemn duty to protect the American people."

Yeah, I know just the other day I had to beat off bands of roving Iraqis at Five Points; I think they wanted to steal my food, or something.  Not sure how the shit they all got across the Atlantic Ocean to be such a danger to me.  But whatever, obviously, the only correct thing to do is to maintain a half million troops in their country, and keep killing them and their wives and children until they're "free" enough to quit shooting back and/or swimming a few thousand miles over here to try to key our Hummers or something.

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[User Picture] From: bitchness
Date: October 1st, 2004 - 10:05 am
Kerry did make a good rebuttal on that one though, he said something along the lines of "Iraq did not attack us, Osama Bin Laden did, and instead of committing troops to look for Bin Laden you outsourced that job to the warlords who the week before had been fighting against us."

Bush's response was stammering and agitated, and rather funny. All in all I enjoyed watching the debate, just to see George sweat.

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