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Voter apathy will get your bitch ass choked

I don't know who I want to put three rounds through the long way more, Bush supporters, or whiny-ass defeatists that keep saying "omfg it doesn't matter, Bush is going to win."

NEWS BULLETIN TO YOU JACKASSES: go work out, get laid, slap a homeless person; I don't know, something, ANYTHING to wake your asses up, make you feel better about yourselves, and stop your defeatist whining.  The only thing that might make Kerry lose is people like YOU convincing all the people that hate Bush and feel disenfranchised that there's no reason to bother voting, because "Bush will just win anyway."

Maybe you haven't noticed this yet, but so far it's A REALLY FUCKING CLOSE RACE - even the Gallup poll, which was EIGHT FUCKING POINTS AWAY from all THREE other major independently conducted polls, only had Bush ahead by six points or so.  The other three had Bush BEHIND.

So quit your goddamn whinging and cringing and start talking about WINNING.
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