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by way of ravenword

You should seriously, seriously check out StumbleUpon.  It's sort of the internet's version of TiVo's thumbs-up/thumbs-down system - you give it some baseline data about what you're interested in, and then you can click a button and get a random page that fits one of your interests.  Like it?  Give it a thumbs up.  Hate it?  Give it a thumbs down.  As you issue more and more ratings, your random stumbles get better targeted to what you actually do or don't like (by comparing with other users who have given similar selections of thumbs-up/thumbs-down on things that you've both seen, and then selecting for things that they've seen and liked that you haven't).

It's not only a good idea, it's a good execution of a good idea.  I've been using it for less than a day, and I've already found both things that made me keekle and at least one thing that made my WORK life easier (a distributed compiler application that I had never heard of!).  Do it! =)


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