Zen Bastard (jimbojones) wrote,
Zen Bastard


I never thought it would happen, but Laura and I are broken up.  For real.  Finally.

Part of me is very sad because I wanted it so much.  But most of me is just glad that finally, finally, FINALLY our interactions - what of them there are - are honest again.  She isn't in love with me.  I can accept that.  I've been suspecting it for... way too long now.  What I really needed was not to pretend to things that weren't there any more, but instead to bring what is out, and to look at it, and nod sadly over it, and put it away again.  I just wish the honesty hadn't taken this long; it certainly made things a lot harder than they had to be.

Well, work calls.  And I have, unfortunately, been neglecting it somewhat.  Talk to you later, internet.
Tags: defeat, girl-related, neuroses

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