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Sad realization

For roughly three years, Tivo made TV watchable again, because I could just let the magic box assemble all the stuff that wasn't complete fucking dreck for me, and watch it at my leisure.

Sadly, that doesn't really work anymore, because in those three years I watched the last 15 years' worth of watchable TV.  Now I've seen all of the stuff in syndication, and - just like any other year - the vast majority of what's on currently blows total fucking chunks, so even with a Tivo to filter through 101 channels of utter crap and assemble the top 5% of it onto a hard drive for my perusal, I can't stand to watch more than 5% of that.

Sometimes I really hate being stuck in the middle of a culture that thinks Fear Factor, Road Rules, and American Idol are the most absorbing things ever.

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