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hot damn, good news

The only thing that was still worrying me about my college application was that all credentials needed to be on the registrar's desk no later than noon, Jan 7th, the college board doesn't want to give me the results from my old SATs, and the nearest test date was Dec 4th - very tight timing.  But the registrar's desk replied to my worried email today and told me that SAT's aren't actually REQUIRED for prospective students over 25... just high school transcript.


I'm still a LITTLE nervous, though, because my high school grades frankly sucked ass.  I, uh, didn't exactly live a happy life back then, and my random assortment of high A's and low F's in equal proportion, with a smattering of less extreme grades strewn throughout the rest, don't look so great on a transcript; my SAT scores (which were outstanding) were always supposed to be my ace in the hole to get me past that.  But hopefully they aren't going to care much about the transcripts, either, beyond verifying "yes this jackass did in fact graduate from a high school at some point, therefore we will accept his tuition money."

Financial aid is another story, of course, and that's why I'm still planning on retaking the SAT's in December.

... at the local high school.  SIGH.  Won't that be a joy.  Oh well.

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