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match dot com : wtf?

The latest chick to send a "wink" to my match dot com profile describes herself as "Barbie looking for Ken" who wants a "metrosexual cowboy" ... or executive ... and has the following in her own profile:
favorite things:
My Chihuahua(see pic) Mexican Food, My Horse! The GAP! Cosmo Mag. Crown & Diet, a Goose Cosmo! I love country music....but I know all the words to most of the RnB and hip hop songs too! Almost forgot.....this is a big one!!..Gotta have Sunshine       

last read:
Paris Hilton's Confessions of an Heiress. Read it cover to cover in two sittings. Favorite quotes...."Live everyday as if it was your birthday, and also, always have a tan it makes you look as if you've been somewhere exotic." LOVE YOU PARIS!
Um, yeah... I, uh... think I'll just pass on that one.
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