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music as an emotional yardstick

Today was a pretty bleak, rainy day, with a long drive to Charleston. Plenty of time to sit in the car and think about things, and marinate in whatever songs various radio stations decided to throw my way, and see which ones stuck.

I'm not usually that much of a Nirvana fan, but Lithium certainly resonated on some levels. Thankfully, I'm a little too weatherbeaten - possibly even a little too wise, if you feel like evaluating me charitably - to do anything but change the damn station away from Just Another Day. I have to admit to a twinge or two when they played Picture, though. The actual lyrics behind West End Girls have no relevance whatsoever, but the Pet Shop Boys' laid back, somewhat haunted and lightly plaintive overall sound fit the mood awfully well.

It's not hopeless, though - when a little oldskool Talking Heads (is there any other kind?) came on, the old familiar grin made an appearance and improved my mood immensely.

Plans for tomorrow specify either sunshine, or barricading myself in the house with all the windows shut and PRETENDING there's sunshine... grey and softly rainy hit just a little too close to home for comfort.

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