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(11:39:32) Jimbosworldorg: man. it's AMAZING how many ads you just don't see anymore once you get the AdBlock plugin for FireFox and start putting in intelligently-crafted wildcard filters
(11:39:44) Jimbosworldorg: like h</u>ttp://*/RealMedia/ads/*
(11:39:53) Jimbosworldorg: the internet starts looking so... clean.

For those of you who don't know, there's a really badass extension for the FireFox browser called AdBlock, that allows you to entirely filter out the presentation of HTML elements based on wildcard-able filters that you enter into it. The example in that AIM snippet will singlehandedly, and cleanly, remove every ad placed through a RealMedia agency - and close up the rest of the actual webpage around where the ad used to be in such a way that if you pretty quickly forget that page ever used to HAVE ads on it to begin with.

It's pretty freaking sweet.

In unrelated news, I have to leave for Augusta to do battle with an oldschool IPSEC VPN in about 45 minutes, and I'm feeling really unmotivated. Whine.
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