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I am so fucking angry

It's not just that "my vote didn't count for anything", because it DID. As an adult who has not committed a felony, my presence in the state of South Carolina contributed towards the number of Electoral College votes that SC gets - ALL of which go to the majority candidate, no matter matter HOW slim that "majority" might be. Which means that whether I do or don't vote, no matter who I vote FOR, I... voted... for motherfucking... Bush. Every gay person in this state, every atheist, every agnostic, every liberal, every levelheaded conservative who realizes that Al Qaeda was never in Iraq... and yes, even though this is SC, there are FUCKING LOTS of us... voted for Bush.

Our votes didn't just "not count." They HELPED ELECT THE GUY WE DON'T WANT. And the only way any of us could have avoided it would be to MOVE.

And, you know, we can't even ask for recounts anymore. Electronic voting! OMFG it's so great! You walk into a polling station, you walk up to a machine that you cannot audit the software on, have no recourse to, cannot even prove you DID anything on, and has horrible real-world history (see local elections in FL where 500,000 voters signed in at the polling stations but only 400,000 votes were recorded, etc) and you push some buttons... and you walk away.

Where is my fucking RECEIPT? If that damn machine, whose software I cannot even audit in general - much less audit the individual machine used to supposedly record my vote - if it is jiggered just to say "60% Bush", how can I argue? How can I even prove who I DID vote for? How can I even prove I voted AT ALL?


God damn it, I want a piece of paper. I want something, in writing, something MATERIAL, that says "This citizen recorded a vote for Kerry." I want ACCOUNTABILITY.

And I don't want that monkey-faced warmongering motherfucker running my country for another four years... or eight, or twelve. I wouldn't put it past him to use part of the remaining four he's got to try to strike down the constitutional two-term limit, just like he's trying to strike down any OTHER part of the constitution that inconveniences him.
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