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lunchtime reading, from Orson Scott Card's story "Teacher's Pest"

From the story I was reading today at lunch:

"If you treat me like a hairball, of course, I'll get over it.  But I don't want to get over it... I think you're a match for me, and more than a match.  Where else am I ever going to find a woman who just might be smarter than I am?"

"Since when is that what a man is looking for?"

"Only stupid men trying to seem smart need to be with dumb women.  Only weak men trying to look strong seek to be with compliant women.  Surely there's something about that in Human Community."

"So you saw me this morning and --"

"I heard you this morning, I talked to you, you made me think, I made you think, and it was electric..."

Sigh.  Will you please get the fuck out of my head, Mr. Card?
Tags: defeat, girl-related, neuroses, philosophical

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