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belated mini-meme

1. What does your name mean? Supplanter.
2. Name three of your strengths: highly intelligent, mentally disciplined, open-minded.
3. Name three of your flaws: bipolar motivational levels, difficulty feeling meaningfully integrated into society, too determined to find value in the undervalued for my own good.
4. What's your favorite restaurant? Thailand Palace.
5. Who makes the best ice cream ever? If I find out, I'll let you know.
6. How's the weather over there? relatively mild.
7. What was the last thing you cooked? Don't really remember.  I stopped cooking a few months ago.  I'll start again eventually.
8. Describe your worst roommate-related experience: The monkey-faced motherfucker wouldn't quit eating my ice cream, among other food-theft-related items.  Worse, he would alternately lie about it and/or claim that he had made up for eating my premium ice cream by buying cheesy-ass piggly wiggly generic ice cream in the five gallon tub and "magnanimously" offering me access to it.  Then one day he first insisted, over my protests, that we carpool to work - and then refused to allow me in his vehicle for the return trip at the end of the day.  This is because when he "playfully" punched me in the nuts earlier that day, I responded by delivering the best body shot I could and folding him over like an accordion.  That was not a happy roommate experience at all.
9. What's the strangest place you've ever 'made whoopie'? In an office space on a submarine tender in international waters.
10. If you could genetically modify yourself, what would you change? I'd make my teeth naturally whiter, and enhance my metabolism to make it easier to keep from getting bearish.
11. Describe one of your weird beliefs or superstitions: I don't think I really have any, unless you count the "always trying to find value in the undervalued" thing from #3 above.
12. Choose wisely: cake, or pie? pie.
13. How many social networking sites do you have memberships to? Several.  I'm not actually active in any of them.
14. How much caffeine do you typically have in a day? Random.  I'm largely unaffected by caffeine, but in recent months I've made an effort to switch to decaffeinated everything on general principle, simply because if I'm not actively using it to get jazzed, what's the point in filtering it through my kidneys?
15. Ever named a plant? No.
16. If you were in some kind of catastrophic sitution, and you could run and save your own pet, or a stranger's child, what would you do? The only proper answer to this is "mu."  If the situation were so catastrophic that I only had time to save one or the other, they would have to be far enough apart that I would only see one or the other.  I cannot conceive of a situation in which both were under my nose enough to have my attention, and yet I knew ahead of time that I could only save one.  A tangentially related answer is that I would make a lot more effort to capture a reluctant child, whereas a pet would mostly just get any necessary doors opened, a quick entreaty to "come on" and they could fend for themselves, if they resisted getting scooped up under an arm or whatever.  I don't think I'd try to capture a reluctant dog or cat with a building burning down around my ears.
17. Who inspires you? I don't feel very inspired right now.
18. What was the last beautiful thing you saw? The stars on a new moon night in rural Mississippi.
19. In what ways are you a spiritual person? I am a firm believer in the essentials of Eastern philosophies.  The difficult thing is to realize that the nonsense is supposed to be nonsense, and that it's intended to shock you enough to hopefully jar you loose so that you might drift into the direction of the truth on your own - the nonsense isn't intended to be truth, itself.  If you can't understand why Siddhartha wouldn't just tell you the truth instead of playing all those games with you, then you need more nonsense to jar your brain loose until you can begin arriving at the answers on your own.
20. Why are you bothering to fill this out? Because I'm in a really funk-ed mood, and I have time to kill before Emily shows up for hibachi.
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