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today was productive

One new workstation delivered, another ordered, a server ordered, a really good meeting with a major architectural firm, and good news on the upcoming college front.  What's not to like about today?

Emily took me to the admissions office in USC, bless her heart.  I should be old enough that I don't need hand-holding, and, well, I don't need it, but I surely do appreciate it.  Anyway that and the trip to the financial aid office alleviated a lot of my concerns about the rest of the admissions process, and I'm feeling a lot more confident.  I was kinda feeling like I was a slacker for not having registered for classes already, but hell, it turns out as a freshman I CAN'T register for classes yet - that can't happen until sometime mid-Decemberish after they give me a placement test / orientation thingy.  So no problem there.  Got the name and email address of the right person to talk to to find out if I can get any credit for Naval Nuclear Power School (which theoretically is roughly the equivalent of an AS in Nuclear Engineering - at least, when we graduated NNPS we were told there were a couple of universities in NY that would cheerfully award NNPS grads one in exchange for roughly $500-$1000 + an English class), met one of the grads that TA's one of the CS courses I'll probably be taking this year, got some good info on financial aid, got my FAFSA submitted, looked up the info on chasing down a GIS minor to go with the CS major... yes, yes, all in all a VERY productive day.

Of course I'm still sitting here in my living room on a Friday night typing to LJ, but hey, fuckit - given how well work and preparing-for-school both went today, I can totally wait for tomorrow night for drunken socializing antics at Delaney's. =)

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