November 29th, 2001

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10:57 pm - Dear god, the pain!
I joined a gym that a couple of the sales reps in my office work out at this week... a no-nonsense place right on the edge of the ghetto. No juice bar, no pretty pretty chromed machines, no rubbery edges on the dumbells... just a lot of big ugly hulking machines, and not a few big ugly hulking people, along with a bunch more who aren't necessarily ugly or even hulking but are very clearly there to get the job done, not to Look Cooltm.

Leg night was night-before-last, Chest night was last night, and we also did the most grueling ab class it's ever been my privilege to suffer through. Dear god, the pain.

Sweeeeeeet. =)
Current Mood: exhausted
Current Music: House Of Pain - Jump Around

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