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So let's say you're a pretty cute chick, but really a bit too big for that short skirt you're wearing, and you approach the guy at the end of the bar you see perusing the drink menu.  You can open up by suggesting drinks if you like - it's kinda standard, but there's nothing wrong with that.  But if you ask him what he does, and he replies "computers", and you then counter by saying how generic that is, and how it's what people say when they think the other person won't understand, and that you're a computer professional yourself... don't follow it up with the "clueless helpless girl" routine, talking about how your own computer is "basically a paperweight because the modem has little flashing lights on it, so I guess I have to call Time Warner".

Byron: "Wow, that was the first time I've seen that executed correctly.  I'm impressed."
Me: "Uh... what did you just see executed?"
Byron: "You got her number, right?"
Me: "Didn't ask for it."
Byron: "Oh."

Tags: girl-related, vignette

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