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In the absence of booty... machismo!

Sadly, a visit scheduled for the first part of March from a friend and sometime more-than-friend is not to be. So that wonderful thing, your friend and mine, Intarweb Booty, shall not come to pass in March after all. :: doffs hat, waits for respectful moment of silence ::

On the other hand, this did put me in the perfect frame of mind for a call from my local and somewhat deranged friend Brian, who thinks that jumping out of an airplane for a three MILE vertical drop sounds like a great idea. Brian is a professional salesman, and he was clearly expecting to have to put the full mojo on me when he made the call, but hey, seemed like a good idea at the time - so I surprised him with an immediate "what the fuck, why not. I'm in."

So March 8th, I will be making a 15,000 foot (60 second) free fall. Well, let's hope not ENTIRELY free - I'm really, really hoping it will be considerably hampered for the last several seconds BEFORE impact...

Yeah, actually jumping out of that fucking plane to begin with is going to be INTERESTING.

One of the optional features of the jaunt is a VIDEO of your entire fall to earth. I'm not sure if this is a helmet-cam, or one of the instructors training a camera on your dumb ass the whole way down, or what. It costs about half of what the jump itself does to get the tape, but... fuck, I might have to go there. Then of course it would get MORE expensive because I'd HAVE to buy a fucking capture card so I could put the video on the intarweb. But we'll see.

If anybody else has a feeling that they just might be feeling sexually deprived and/or just plain stupid enough to jump out of a perfectly good airplane on March 8th, lemme know - I'm sure there's always room for one more idiot, and the more survivors we have, the better the after-party will be. =)


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