February 6th, 2003

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Okay, herbaliser baby, the first part of this story is for you: at the show tonight, where I met up with sanityescapesme and xillah, one of the opening bands did a PIRATE IMPRESSION when somebody bought them a shot of Captain Morgan. "I AM THE SALTIEST DOG IN THE SEVEN SEAS... YARRRR!" Best part? The band's name was SUPERVILLAINS.

Seriously though, it was a kickass show, in spite of the fact that the most difficult part if you wanted to buy a cute girl a drink was figuring out whether to buy her electric kool-aid, or just... well, kool-aid. "Sugarfree, please, her mom said she's not supposed to have sugar after nine o'clock on a school night." sanityescapesme capitalized by finding the one chick in the place that had, I shit you not, a tattoo on the small of her back written in Elvish script and getting the email address. WOW.

Best line of the night, however, came from my friend Lori, who had to leave early because she has an early class tomorrow: "okay, the crowd just went wild for 'crack rock', and these girls have BABY FAT showing under their belly shirts. I'm going home!"

... very, very, very disappointed in zeldappa, who no-showed, and jennbennett who didn't even RESPOND. Wtf's up with that? If nothing else, you guys need to come out to the King Missile show in March. KING MISSILE, yo! How can you resist?

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[User Picture] From: sanityescapesme
Date: February 5th, 2003 - 09:12 pm
Wha-boing!!! Boo-ya!!

<---Too drunk to realize he has to be at work at 8:30, and is too much of a machochist to actually sleep. God, Ryan, you'll hurt sooo bad in the AM...hurm...

-Ye Hrrrrrrrrg

[User Picture] From: herbaliser
Date: February 5th, 2003 - 11:36 pm

oh my god are you drunk

Hey Jim,

Glad you had a good time. And the pirate bit is great.

I just walked downstairs a few minutes ago, and heard Steve on the phone, so I knocked on his door. I opened it, and he said "You're in your robe," and I said "Yeah..." And then he said "Did you get laid?" and I said "Yeah..." and he said "Congratulations. Get the fuck out of my sight."

[User Picture] From: jennbennett
Date: February 6th, 2003 - 09:59 am

I'm just very slack and way to dedicated to my crap job.

But King Missile! The keepers of the detachable penis! How handy.

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