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people = teh funnay

I just started class as a first-term freshman at USC this week; and at one of my classes (which is being taught by a very young, shy grad student) on the first night she was kinda late showing up.  So some of the kids in the class started asking "does anybody know anything about [teacher]?" and one of the guys cynically said "yeah, she's a grad student; I looked her up on teacherreview.com - only 1 person ever wrote anything, and it's all about how fair her grades are, how fair her homework policies are, blah, blah, blah.  I'm pretty sure she wrote it herself."

I'd never heard of teacherreview.com, so I checked it out when I got home.  It's currently begging for money (while still claiming to be a "free" site), so I said the hell with it.  Laura mentioned that there's another site, ratemyprofessor.com, so I checked [teacher] out there - yup, sure enough, a single review, bland as hell, "fair, fair, fair" blah blah blah.  More amusing, though, is that ratemyprofessor rates teachers not just on how fair their grading is and how easy their tests are, it also marks them with a chili pepper for "hot"!

Now I'm intensely amused by looking up all my professors to see whether they pass the horny-18-year-old "hotness" muster.  ([teacher]'s review marked her as "hot", which may or may not mean anything, since odds are pretty good she wrote it herself.)

In unrelated news, Math 115 and Soc 101 are both total fucking rock gardens.  So far MUSIC APPRECIATION looks to be the toughest class in my schedule. =\

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