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fortunate / unfortunate

Waiting for friends at the bar.

Bellied up to the bar next to cute blonde chick.  Tight cream-colored sweater, face so sweet it makes your teeth hurt.  Oh shit... glass of wine in front of her.  (It's not an absolute disqualification to have a glass of wine in front of you at a cheap bar... but it's not a good sign.)  Also, she's smoking.  Hmmm... makes a big production out of waving smoke away from me, smiling and apologizing.  Lots of teeth in the smile.  Exposing the neck.  Hmm.

She did the apology for the smoking thing again.  Making a big point of it.  Lots and lots of teeth in the smile.  I tell her it's okay, and smile back, but she's making a point of talking about secondhand smoke, and how really she's sorry, or whatever.  Hmmm.  But she keeps turning back to her friend before I can say anything.  A little embarassed?  Hmmm.  The wine glass, though...  hmmm.  This is a cheap bar, and there's that glass of red wine.  Not a good sign.  Oh well, what the hell, discriminating without investigating would be wrong, right?  Wait for the friend she turned to to run out of stuff to say... ah, there we go.  Chubby female friend is fresh tapped out of conversation - opportunity has arrived.

Lean in.  Murmur "so does all that 'secondhand smoke' buy me an invitation?"  She turns, looks happy to be murmured to, but... oh, shit.  She's looking blank...  REALLY blank.  "What?"  Repeat witty comment.  More blankness.  "What?"  SIGH.  "Um.  Hi, I'm Jim."  Couple of minutes of (very) small talk, and drinks for me and my friends have arrived, and "um, I'm going to go over to my friends now."  I'm back five minutes later for more drinks, but when I tell her then that I'd already forgotten her name, her response is a big smile and "that's okay, names are just labels, and labels are so unimportant, don't you think?"


Self-respect can definitely be a handicap.
Tags: girl-related, philosophical, vignette

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