January 26th, 2005

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02:30 am - another birthday down
The morning / day / afternoon: spent dealing with INSANELY irritating work-type issues.

The early evening: spent in, god help me, math class.

The rest of the evening into the wee hours: spent with people who love and/or just plain like me.

That's a lot more than a lot of people can say for their birthdays, so I class this one a roaring success.

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: Add N to [X] - Plug Me In

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[User Picture] From: starfyer
Date: January 26th, 2005 - 04:02 am
Happy Birthday, Jim :) I'm glad it was a good one!

[User Picture] From: herbaliser
Date: January 26th, 2005 - 11:04 am

[User Picture] From: tawnyleona
Date: January 26th, 2005 - 02:51 pm
Happy Birthday, all late n' shit.

[User Picture] From: sanguine37
Date: January 26th, 2005 - 06:18 pm
I'm glad you had a good one, love. I hope it's a sign for the year to come.

It's a good thing you didn't tell me. Had I known, I would have forgotten and then remembered later and felt terribly guilty. I'm horrible with dates, partially because time doesn't really exist and all.

[User Picture] From: sanguine37
Date: January 26th, 2005 - 06:19 pm
...aaaaand somehow I put this in the wrong spot. Whoops. Sorry, stranger to whom I unintentionally replied.

[User Picture] From: handofme
Date: January 27th, 2005 - 05:13 am
have a good one.. enjoy the teh suprise in the forth qurter

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