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hahaha, the good ones come together in the end

Hahaha, shit, this is so fucking choice.

Emily and Janice and co. introduced me to this little place (bar) called the Red Tub, named after... well, a bright red bathtub that's randomly in its one bathroom.  Teeny tiny little upstairs bar, no sign out front, you don't know it's there unless you know someone who knows about it.  Cool little paintings on the wall, the whole place is lit basically just from the spot lighting on the teeny little cool paintings, mostly hardwood paneling (except for the matte black looks-like-spray-paint on the ... kinda poor condition pressboard paneling in spots), cheap booze, cool bartenders.  Love it.  It's been my (alcoholic) home away from home ever since the first night I went there.

I found out tonight that it's run by an IT expatriate.  A dude came in that Bill (the owner) knew from his (pretty recent) IT days; they worked at the same company.  Bill said "yeah, there's life after programming" and I was like HOLY SHIT, you're kidding me!  So Bill and I started talking and yeah, sure as shit, another corporate IT refugee.  Except he got out of the industry entirely, and now he's running a quaint little you-have-to-know-about-it bar, whereas I'm still in the industry doing consulting.  He's happy as fucking clams running his bar, and I can see why, it's a great place.  And I just think it's hilarious (and awesome), I felt at home in Red Tub from the first hour I was ever there, and a month or two later find out that it's being run by a fellow expatriate.


Well, Speech 140 looms bright and early tomorrow morning - which is why I'm going to wrap up this post and go to bed play some Warcraft.  Later! =)

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