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school related weirdness

Music Appreciation really sucked ass today.  First of all, we had to listen to the bit from Dido and Aeneas when she keeps whining about Aeneas leaving her and how now that she's killed herself she wants him to remember her, but not to remember killing herself, blah blah blah warble warble whimper... and if that wasn't bad enough, this dude several seats down from me had kicked his shoes off and was rubbing his bare feet together at about 360 RPM. If you don't think that sounds so bad, what you need to realize is that he was spazzing his feet together so frenetically that the rasping of his bare scaly feet was making itself heard twenty feet away over the melodramatic warbles of an operatic soprano at full blast... and our prof cranks the tunes when he plays stuff.  What.  The.  Fuck.  Over.  I seriously almost threw something at this dude as my initial reaction to his disgustingness.  He was like some kind of demented hybridization of Tyrone Biggums and a cricket.

Thankfully, Math 115 was considerably more amusing - turns out that Math Class Stoner Boy has added a new trick to his repertoire... he now busts a rhyme when bored.  Right in the middle of class.  Shane has been observing the progression of this new trick for a few days now; he went from initially just bobbing his head to some sort of intensely personal groove to shucking and jiving with the shoulders a bit, and as of last night he progressed to throwing crazy white-boy rapper hand-signs, working the neck, and busting rhymes under his breath.  Awesome.  Seriously, I don't know what the hell he's going to be able to do to top this one.  Amusingly enough, our intensely young and nervous instructor is still utterly unaware of his antics, because she teaches the entire class to an imaginary line approximately nine feet high along the length of the back wall.  (She makes eye contact with imaginary people that inhabit that line.  It's kinda cute.  "Awww, she thinks we think she's making eye contact!")

Soc 101 is the only class I don't have any kind of entertaining stories to tell about, because, well, I keep winding up not going to it.  D'oh!  I even missed the exam review Tuesday, which meant I basically had to just say "fuck it" and make sure I knew the whole book for the exam this morning.  But I did that, and there were only three questions at the very end that weren't in the book.  I'm pretty sure I rocked it.  We'll find out next Tuesday - assuming, of course, I make it to class.  Heh.

Next semester I really need to either not take an 8am class, or take 8am classes at least 4 days a week.  One or the other.

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