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Deep Thoughts, with jimbojones

When someone perceives a flaw in a valuable object, there are three possible natural reactions:

1. to attempt to repair or work around the flaw, preserving the object's value
2. to reject the object as flawed and therefore unsuitable
3. to attempt to exploit the flaw or break the object

In different situations, different reactions make more or less sense - but most of us have a fairly heavy bias towards one of these reactions, being considerably more inclined towards it and away from the others... even when our preferred reaction isn't really very appropriate.  Selecting the appropriate response to a given scenario of this fundamental type is something that I've only recently recognized as a very real problem of mine, and have been trying to deal with.  My own bias is very, very strong, and - until now - almost entirely unexamined.  Dealing with it is a struggle.

I think most people have this problem; the major difference being which choice they're irrationally biased toward.  Which type are you?
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