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I'm unstoppable, bitches

I really hate that +/- format crap, so I figured I'd fire it right back at some of you fuckers. <3
- only got 3.5 hours of sleep last night
+ STILL made it to 8AM class, with enough time to spare to get a large coffee and a bagel for the walk to class, AND get in and get settled before class started

- realized today that I screwed the pooch hard last week - I missed an exam that I thought was this week
+ my instructor was completely understanding and is letting me take the test late without penalty

+ at 46F, it's really not that cold today
- at 21mph sustained wind speed with frequent gusts into the upper 30s, all the traffic lights are hanging at a 45 degree angle, and "not that cold" cuts to the BONE

- still not entirely happy with where my life is right now
+ revelation this morning makes me feel like I understand better about what exactly happened to it over the last couple of years, and why
All in all, not exactly a placid day, but certainly not a bad one either.
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