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dork moment

So last night I went out for St. Patty's, and it was kinda meh, but I got good and truly hammered... and got on World of Warcraft when I came back home.  And wound up in a group for a particularly nasty dungeon (Maraudon, if any of you play).  I warned our healer ahead of time "better keep a special eye on me tonight, because I'm drunk, retarded, and aggressive."

And oh boy, I was - as a cloth-wearing mage in the midst of a bunch of heavy combat types, instead of hanging back from the periphery I dove right into the midst of huge mobs of monsters and dealt indiscriminate destruction left and right, howling imprecations like a crack monkey mysteriously given human language.  (And proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that our poor healer was MOST DEFINITELY paying attention, keeping me alive.)

The best part was one point at which I literally lit a monster on fire, which made it run around in circles in a panic - and I shouted in-game, "BURN LIKE RICHARD PRYOR, MOTHERFUCKER!"

Best.  Maraudon raid.  EVAR. =)
Tags: alpha geek, humorous, vignette

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