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word to my brothers in the CS (reprah-ZENT!)

Hahaha, man, I love it.  My speech class still fucking blows, don't get me wrong, but it was made IMMEASURABLY less ass-tacular this morning due to the fact that one of the other CS majors decided to do his Selling Speech on... Jagermeister.  And he brought in product samples as well as doing the standard PowerPoint prezo for his visual aid.

That's right, home slice brought in a pitcher, party cups, a bottle of Jager, and several cans of Red Bull, and proceeded first thing to mix up a shitload of Jager bombs and invite the class to partake with him.  Which you can be damn certain I did.  (It was clinically interesting to note who did and did not take advantage - surprisingly, the dude who's always late and frequently hung over didn't touch it, while Suzy Q Homemaker the cute super-straightlaced-country-girl who talks about embroidering and stuff was next in line behind me.  Who knew?)

Alcohol isn't enough to make that class not suck, but it's certainly enough to make you give less of a shit.  And besides, there's a certain cachet to getting lit up at 9 in the morning in class, n'est-ce pas?  (For those who care, my speech was selling vacation time at a little resort on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands, not coincidentally where I went to high school my junior and senior year.  It went fine, particularly with Jager.)

In unrelated news, yesterday I secured FIVE FULL POINTS on my final grade for Soc 101 by taking part in a study.  It was kinda funny; dude who's doing the study is all full of himself because he's managing to get the 100-125 students he needs to participate without spending any money, whereas usually it costs about $2500 to get the participation level required... but dude, he's convinced the instructor of a 100+ student class to give, let me say it again, FIVE POINTS ON THE GRADE FOR THE COURSE for participation in a 45-minute study.  Talk about your no-brainers.  The study actually seems pretty interesting though; it consisted of a basic non-verbal IQ test, a questionnaire on aggression, another questionnaire on risk-taking, and two mug shots - one non-smiling, one smiling. 

We can't get the details of the study until after he's gotten all of his data, but it's got something to do with matching intelligence, aggression, and risk-taking to people's appearance.  The wildcard as far as I'm concerned is not knowing how he's planning on treating the mug-shots - is he going to do a hotornot style thing with them to try to match the mental/behavioral traits up to what people find attractive in faces, or is he going to match them up to specific objective facial or expressive characteristics, such as open-mouthed / close-mouthed smiles, etc?  Dunno yet, but I gave him my email address so he'd pass on the results to me once he's got 'em.

I also suggested he do a followup study on "the people in Holly's class that DIDN'T come here for the study, to identify the symptoms and root cause of their obvious dysfunction."  I mean, jesus christ... FIVE.  POINTS.  On the final average.  I'd rather have that than money any day.
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