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well I guess spring's here

First thought upon stepping outside today: "Holy shit, it's GORGEOUS out here!  That breeze feels incredible running through my hair!  Wow!"

Immediately followed by: "Oh, fuck, Mighty Neon is COVERED in pollen."

Yup, spring has done sprung.

In unrelated news, Arthur Nersesian's The Fuckup (a novel about a protagonist who survives NYC through cycles of odd jobs, couch surfing, and out and out street person homelessness over the course of a year or so) is a really incredible work, and should probably nudge out a Dickens monstrosity or two in "lit-ruh-ture" lists for required school reading, but damn it's depressing.  Oh wells - soon's I get these two concert reports typed up, it's Adult Swim 4TW!

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