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story time with Unka Jimbo (non sequitur)

As I'm walking out to my car after math 115 tonight, I see a cute chick in a black dress walking up.  She makes eye contact, I smile, she smiles, I break eye contact.  All pretty normal.  Then I'm looking up again, and she re-establishes eye contact and delivers a second smile.  Okay... still pretty normal.  Ish.  I guess I just got it goin' on tonight, or something.  Then she stops dead in the sidewalk, still smiling at me, and just swivels her head watching me as I'm walking by, so I stop next to her, and smile quizzically back at her - I'm waiting for her to say something at this point.  She isn't.  She doesn't.  For like, I kid you not, seven or eight seconds, she's just standing there giving me this smile and I'm smiling back but my smile is getting more and more "er, dubyoo tee eff mate?" and I'm about to say "no, sorry, you don't" because I'm thinking she's eventually going to deliver the "don't I know you from...?" line, and I'm sure I haven't met her before.

Finally she starts saying something about was I in this ... well, she was watching this crazy independent movie the other night... no, she guesses it couldn't be... but I look just like this guy in this movie... etc etc etc, and finally she figures out that the movie was Garden State, and apparently I'm the very spitting image of one of the dudes in that movie.  A stoner, apparently.  I tell her I know of the movie, I actually wanted to see it when it came out, but I never got around to it.  And she commands me to go see it.  Since I'm "in it."

College is just downright strange sometimes... but pleasantly so. =)
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