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More with the awesome; some with the considerably-less-than-awesome

Turns out that since Shane and I both had >100% averages for math 115, we got exempted from the exam - so he finished the term with a 105 and I finished with a 104.5, and we've both got one less thing to study for next week.  (And I don't have to worry about OMFG my finul dropping my score for teh course below 100%!!!1 ... and yes that's totally retarded but yes I was secretly stressing the tiniest little bit over exactly that.)  That made me feel like such a fucking rockstar.

What made me feel like considerably less of a rockstar was being forced, finally, to realize that I just can't manage both a full-time college career and a more-than-just-me business.  Like it or not, it's just more than I can handle at one time.  And what I really fucking hated was having to break that to the very very good friend who was working for me.

Life, even when it is good - and it is - sure can be fucking hard.
Tags: defeat, philosophical, triumph

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