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Coming out of Cool Beans at lunchtime, having finished a take-home final, I walked down the sidewalk towards my car, parked on the next block.  Across the street, a few carlengths ahead of me, a woman in her mid-late twenties was walking to her car.  She was wearing one of those... overly arty sorts of outfits; not an unattractive outfit but too... busy, you know?  Bright pink jeans, some sort of under-blouse in a very bold black-and-white sort of a Rorschach effect, and a white top over that.  Hair a little too big; not quite real estate agent hair, but enough so that you weren't sure if she was in her late 20s or her mid 30s without getting a good look at her face.

Nice curves, though.  Hippy, with a round high butt that did the most entrancing little side-to-side maneuver in those bright pink jeans as she walked away.  Really nice walk.

So under my breath, I said in a happy little voice, "wiggle wiggle wiggle!"

I'd have sworn that somebody standing right behind me couldn't have made out what I said, let alone a woman across the street and a couple of carlengths ahead, but damn if she didn't turn her head around as she got in her car, look right at me, and flash a big toothy mischievous grin for a second or two!  She paused just long enough that I knew damn well she was looking at me, before looking back around with a little playful toss of the head and flip of the hair, and closed her car door.


I loved the big grin, though - obviously she got a kick out of it, and hey, I get a kick out of good looking girls digging me digging them, and that's just one great big positive feedback loop, isn't it?  It's funny how much of a difference the subtle little nuances of control make - I have no doubt at all the same chick would not have been pleased at some random guy on the street telling her anything about the way her ass wiggled when she walked... but catching the same guy doing it when he thinks nobody can hear?  Different story.

Hell, maybe I should work on my sotto voce. =)
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