May 5th, 2005

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05:46 pm - I'm starting to get nervous
Every time there's a new patch for World of Warcraft, you have to scroll through and click a check box to "Accept" a MINIMUM of two ten-page-ish EULAs.  There have been two patches already this week, for a total of roughly forty pages worth of legalese I've had to "accept" four separate times.

I'm starting to think Blizzard's trying to sneak in droit de seigneur on any girls I may happen to pick up / date / marry for the next ten years.

Current Mood: annoyed
Current Music: NWA - Fuck Tha Police Lawyers

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[User Picture] From: herbaliser
Date: May 5th, 2005 - 03:24 pm

well, for most of them, it would have to be 10 years....

Dude. I can just see that lawyer's meeting:

"So what else do the gamers have that we want?"

From: dirtydog911
Date: May 6th, 2005 - 06:22 pm

Carefull. . .

I once spent four years as Bill Gates' towel boy because I rush through and and accepted the EULA on Micro$oft Windoze.

Won't be doing that again. . .

Dirty Dog

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