Zen Bastard (jimbojones) wrote,
Zen Bastard

wow... my job's more difficult now.

Some people dropped Poli 391, so my job and my task force both got changed - now I'm the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the Terrorism and Counter-terrorism task force.  W00t?  W00t.  'Cause it's actually a MUCH harder job involving a LOT more factual research and planning, but, hey... it's one I'm a hell of a lot better suited to.  Definitely the hardest task force to pull JCS for, too, 'cause I have to deal with the entire world theater in my planning - the others get to just focus on Iran, Iraq, or Korea respectively, but basically as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and expected to address terrorism in general worldwide... well, that's not really what the military does, so from what I can figure out that means my job will be basically to come up with contingency plans on-hand for invading pretty much ANYWHERE that's likely to produce terrorist activity in such quantity / dastardry that the Prez might decide we have to invade the host state for not policing their own.

Yikes.  That's a lot of research and planning... oh well, I'm up to it.  Globalsecurity dot org, here I come!

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