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In Soviet America, government pays YOU.

One each gigantic GI Bill backpayment for the entirety of Spring Semester, on its way to me in 7-10 days.  RAWK!  (I just hope I can manage to get an extension approved to let me have the last 24 months of my benefits, even though my availability window technically ends this December.  ::nailbite::)

And considering that the student loans are partly interest-free (until graduation) and DRASTICALLY lower interest than my car note, I know which one's getting the immediate benefit of that big fat check, too...  the way I figure it, I just refinanced my car for a VASTLY better interest rate AND got a free 14 hour semester of college thrown in to sweeten the deal. Go go gadget financial improvement!

In completely unrelated but also happy news, dinner and bluegrass tonight at Delaney's with Eve, accompanied by fakinitallalong and prossably (it's a word! it is! ...well, now it is) Maura.  It's a good day. =)
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