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Zen Bastard

(and postmodern mafioso)

25 January 1972
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Personal: I am a horrible, horrible person. I kick babies and eat puppies. Except when I don't feel like dealing with the fur, in which case it's easier to do it the other way around.

Professional: I'm an Open Source evangelist servicing networks in a Microsoft-dominated world. I'm doing my best to steal the server market back, one box at a time, and praying somebody will do something good enough with X Windows to let the desktops follow suit later. (Edit, 6 years later: prayers answered; xorg is an improvement over X, and Ubuntu rocks.)

For the stalkers: See that guy with the laptop and/or the paperback at the corner table at House Coffee? That might not be me... but then again, it might. (Edit, 6 years later: it's probably not me.)